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Yonge Station - New Condos Barrie - April 2014

Blog by Matthew & Robert Johnston | April 9th, 2014

Coming May 3rd, 2014!

The upcoming community, Yonge Station, will be located at the corner of Yonge Street and Madeline Drive, a main corridor into the city. Pratt Homes wants to instill a sense of community pride in Yonge Station and leave a lasting impression of Barrie’s commitment to culture as visitors enter and exit the city. Pratt Homes partnered with Ron Baird after seeing his enthusiasm and ideas for the project.

“It is a rare opportunity for a commissioned artist to be allowed to run free.  Pratt Homes let me off the leash, trusting I would return to them with a bone that they liked.” Says Baird. He continued to say “Here’s what they got: Fifteen gutsy rusted steel sculptures that will stamp the cultural landscape of their Yonge Station Project.”.

The Yonge Station community will host a captivating, 34ft in height by 22ft in width, feature art piece at the corner of Yonge and Madeline as well as several accent pieces that will be released at a later date. The art will maintain a “train” theme to represent the communities’ proximity to the Barrie South GO Station.

Baird stated “While chasing ideas, the most fun I had was designing a large clock who is the steam punk granddaughter of Barrie’s Spirit Catcher.” He finished by saying “In the tradition of the popular public clocks peppered throughout Europe’s cities and towns she will soon dance on the hour on Barrie’s Yonge Street”

Pratt Homes’ owner, Karen Hansen said “Working with Ron has been incredible. He really understood the scope of what we’re trying to achieve.  He has brought together 3 important ideas into one piece; suggestive elements of Barrie’s GO station, the up and coming South End and Barrie’s existing art culture.”

Models and renderings of the land mark art will be available at the grand opening of Yonge Station on Saturday May 3rd.  Stay tuned for more ground breaking news.

For more information on Yonge Station visit www.yongestation.ca.